camilo munar is a new york-based photo enthusiast. a designer by profession, photography plays a key role in his practice through exercises in balance, composition and color. camilo can be reached at

bogota, colombia

downtown biker

rush hour in bogota's centro.

williamsburg, brooklyn

ride around the taco truck

scene as one steps off the l train.

bogota, colombia

sunny usaquen

taxi ride downtown through bogota's artsy and hilly neighborhood.

williamsburg, brooklyn

the snows of mcarren park

initiative lost by the ambitious winter pigeon-feeder.

bangkok, thailand

cross-river commute

a day spent temple-hopping as bangkok moves along.

phi phi, thailand

the purse holder

everyone's a star in thailand's famous pleasure cove.

bangkok, thailand

banyan tree social

watching bangkok set it's sun as the rooftop hits capacity.

krabi, thailand

low tide playtime

crab hunting masters in a huddle before the final push.

austin, texas

south congress stroll

spending memorial day weekend dicovering the lone star capital.

dallas, texas

river bloom

trinity river in full anticipation of the flood to come.

seoul, south korea

hanok village

looking out to the city from the historical part of town.

dallas, texas

heated clouds

braving the temperatures in my first texas summer.

seoul, south korea

han river pump

truck worker tends to his truck on a muggy winter morning.

paris, france

morning errands

watching the city wake up on the way to the airport.

dumbo, brooklyn

end of work shift

windy cold afternoon stroll by the riverfront.

seoul, south korea

hongdae rock

late night at the club with the kids.

paris, france

afternoon anticipation

planning a night of revelrie with koo as the master of ceremonies.

seoul, south korea

jamsil run

afternoon scene as the kids rush home from school.

dallas, texas

bird watching

the pollen was high, the shutter speed as well.

williamsburg, brooklyn

scenes from the park

the nuts were scarce, the days of winter not so much.

san antonio, texas


tourism people watching is in full swing for those of the green-headed persuasion.

paris, france

galleries lafayette

upside down christmas tree installation.

paris, france

eiffel tower

underside composition as the cues to go up form.

austin, texas

robert therrien

memories of childhood in an istallation of odd proportions.


pointe du roc

old military fort overlooking the english channel.

new york, ny

frieze art fair

scene from annual art fair in randall's island.

brooklyn, ny

coney island parachute drop

rainy cold day in the offseason alongside the boardwalk.

bridgehampton, ny

hampton's beach fly by

close plane encounter at an end of summer beach drumming party.

west village, ny

the handball player

zoom lens exploration while watching a heated match.

williamsburg, ny

before the parade

preparations for a north brooklyn festivity.

new paltz, ny

dad visits mohonk castle

post-meal walk after the big buffet lunch.

moscow, russia

the kremlin from within st basil

snap of the kremlin gates while on break from touring the cathedral.

moscow, russia


mom looks on from the most iconic of russian shops.

st petersburg, russia

church of the spilled blood

photo times as the wedding party descends on the cathedral.

st petersburg, russia

church of the spilled blood 2

another wedding as the sun sets.

westhampton, ny


midsummer sun and pool break.

carnegie hall, ny

the tour guide

portrait while photographing an event at the music hall.

sergiev posad, russia

moscow day trip

church goers at this the most sacred of all russian orthodox places of worship.

moscow, russia

wedding bridge rest

insanely warm september day over the moskva river.

bushwick, ny

brunch wait

witnessing the hustle and bustle of the brooklyn suburbs.

montego bay, jamaica

beach bird watching

stroll in the storied grounds of half moon bay.

bonneville salt flats, utah

transcontinental truck

the sun sets approaching salt lake city.

snowy pass, wyoming


12,000 high on our way from san francisco to new york.

lima, peru


paragliding in one of the most iconic neighborhoods in this lovely city.

cuzco, peru

road to machu picchu

beautiful morning for a little archaeology lesson.

sidney, nebraska

noon sunlight exploration

approaching omaha with the sun above.

machu picchu, peru

sun gate overlook

impressive sight as the clouds make way for the first unobstructed view of the morning.

cuzco, peru

saqsaywaman ruins

guard looks on keeping trespassers away.

cuzco, peru

last day in the city of kings.

city view on our way back to the airport

lima, peru


ancient sandy ruins south of the city.

sorrento, italy

marina grande swimmer

a morning walk with lovely views of the bay of naples.

jeju do, south korea

a walk among the fields

volcano hopping in the more rural part of this magnificent island.

columbus, ohio

midwestern miniopolis

a sunny departure after the business trip.

tokyo, japan

rainy shrine stroll

morning scene before the tsunami at the meiji shrine.

tokyo, japan

entrance of mirrors

the shopping mecca of tokyu plaza omotesando.

tokyo, japan

after the tsunami

clear views of this megalopolis the day after the storm.

positano, italy

offseason in the amalfi

pebbly composition while strolling the seaside of this quaint town on the cliff.

positano, italy

hilly overlook

church of santa maria assunta as the rains come.

cartagena, colombia

sharp sun portraiture

shopping stroll in this magnificent colonial city.

rome, italy

free museum night

late nite hugs as rome's museums fill up for this annual party.

indio, california

waiting for the show with chris

arctic monkeys had just finished, and now it's time for pulp.

indio, california

dancing to the black lips

coachella morning as the crowd starts piling in.

sunnyside, ny

sunset in the old neighborhood

spectacular landscape on the way to visit family.

seoul, south korea

samsung museum

oogling multi million dollar vases in this great space.

williamsburg, new york

watertower view

pigeon party watching from my apartment balcony.

seoul, south korea

shadow walk

the day ends from a full tour of changdeokgung palace.

webster hall, ny


late night live show with this great german electro dj band thing.

webster hall, ny

housse de racket

memorable opening acts are always a plus.

webster hall, ny


great dancey french fun of a night.

bowery ballroom, ny

anna calvi

a night of eerily beautiful sounds from this british singer.

bridgehampton, ny

yard sale

down time while helping friends with their big hamptons yard blowout.

quindio, colombia


uncle rodrigo's coffee farm tour is an eye-opening experience.

bridgehampton, ny

pebbles in the graveyard

rocky composition on a sunny day in the cementery.

long beach, ny

weekend surf

short escape at the shore.

webster hall, ny

a place to bury strangers

who knew a band with such a morbid name could come up with such beautiful melodies.

webster hall, ny

dubstep night with the kids

one of my many nights checking out what passes for cool these days.

webster hall, ny

hanging out at the stage

a big camera is all that's needed for some stage access at the big dj thing.

bushwick, ny

open studio exploration

stumbled upon this great roof deck while checking out some artists' studios.

mount st michel, france

low tide in brittany

early morning exploration of this medieval lookout point of worship.

new york, ny

after the rains

afternoon break from the office window.

fire island, ny

the sun sets over long island

exploring lively cherry grove as the evening arrives.

knitting factory, brooklyn

ghost wave

or at least i think it's them, the night is a blur.

randalls island, ny

governor's ball

up in the air to portugal the man.

chicago, il

calumet fisheries

grabbing some smoked fish in the king of midwestern cities.

pittsburgh, pa

lawrenceville exploration

dreams of bowling after the best burger ever was consumed.

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